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The Background of talegence

Over the last twenty years the designer of talegence has consulted to hundreds of organizations in the United States on Human Resources (HR) and Management & Leadership (M&L), including the design and development of job performance aids (JPA’s), tools such as strategies and supporting functions, models, workflow diagrams, processes and procedures, forms, and checklists.

The organizations served has included a diversity of industries such as banking; healthcare; utilities; federal (Department of Defense), state, and county governments; manufacturing; and construction.

In 1996 he designed a model for Succession Management (Figure 1.0) as one of the HR and M&L tools for his clients. At the time this system was not designed as a software system. It was a model which included seven primary functions with multiple supporting processes and sub-processes in each. These processes and sub-processes were performed using “hard copy” or individual software programs already in the marketplace or combinations of the two depending on each client’s needs.

The primary difference between this Succession Management model and others in the marketplace from the beginning has been the “fully integrated” concept including the incorporation of continual performance improvement systems. In addition, from the beginning this was designed to be an Operations’ improvement tool first and and a Human Resources tool second.

From 1996 to 2008 he fielded a multitude of requests from clients to find software to facilitate all the processes of this model. No software covered all of the processes; and none were fully integrated.

Therefore, using this model as the foundation, he began to design a fully integrated, business driven Succession Management software application.

In addition to and overlapping the twenty years consulting experience previously mentioned, included in the design process were:

Work Styles/Traits Testing

SME/Mentor/Coaching On-Boarding and Development

Written Testing, Performance Demonstrations & Panel Interviews -  Talent Verification

Cross Functional Certifications

All of this resulted in the design of the fully integrated, business driven succession management SaaS based software in October of 2009, which is when software code writing began on talegence. This is also when Michael (the designer) first attended a Human Resource Technology conference in Chicago to begin to explore the direction of this industry.

At this conference he confirmed that no other software was yet fully integrated nor did they include all of the talent leadership functions in talegence.

In 2010, he attended the IHRIM conference in Las Vegas. Throughout the conference he explored what was happening in the industry: pains, opportunities, functions, direction, strategies, players, etc. It was here that he learned that little progress had been made toward full integration. However, in the coming year, numerous buyouts and mergers would take place in an effort to blend different Talent Management functions and create integrated systems.

And yet, as of the last quarter of 2011, very few Talent Management software applications are fully integrated and less are business driven.

From the beginning, talegence was designed to be fully integrated and business driven. It was originally designed to be a succession management tool, which contains all of the elements or functions which the industry calls talent management. We now call it a Talent Leadership application which contains all of the management aspects, but focuses on people leadership.

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