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 "Strengths at the Core"

Extraordinary Results through Everyday People

Every employee brings strengths to the workplace or they shouldn't have been employed initially. Unfortunately, people also have weaknesses and sometimes these surface and bother people such that they can no longer see the strengths; even if the occurrence was just once or is just a personality quirk.

Twelve years in nuclear operations and nuclear talent development functions, including ten years in the US Navy's nuclear propulsion program, revealed a critical leadership practice; ignore the quirk, value people for the strengths they bring to your table and engage those whenever possible!

This doesn't mean that you should promote them now. But it does mean they should be used as a resource for their expertise; engage them in lessons learned, in performance improvement processes, as resources for JPA's, to assist new employees with structured OJT... When people are recognized and engaged for their strengths, they step up to the plate and increase their contributions.

talegence provides solutions to facilitate valuing the expertise of employees.

Engaging people's expertise demonstrates trust and respect and increases their motivation and commitment. Just a few of the ways talegence facilitates this are:

Self talent verification

Self Search of Talent Verifiers for Newly Developed Talents

Recommending Talents Needed for Job

Identify Self Development Opportunities that are Aligned with Organizational Needs


Internal Certifications

Identify Own Career Plan

Identify/Design Learning Maps for Self Development

Forums/Discussion Rooms - Social Collaboration

"What If Mind Drills" Participation

Self Performance Assessments

As SME's, Mentors & Coaches, and Other Certifications

Design Values

Extraordinary Results


Everyday People