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Measure Performance & Improve

 Does your performance measurement process measure processes/behaviors and results for all categories that represent the entire realm of people's contributions to the organization?

 Does your system accurately reflect performance throughout the entire performance period or ensure a continual measurement and feedback process?

 Does your performance measurement process reflect management performance in administering it?

 How would the entire picture of a person’s performance be more accurate if the person could self assess periodically (frequency established by the organization) as long as they provided all of the required specifics of work sampling?

 How would it benefit the impact of performance measurements and data if we could track elements such as the frequency of the performance samples, the types of samples, and the engagement of the employees, and if all this data was transparent to employees being measured?

 How would it impact the results of corrective action if we had template problem solving process tools that leads the parties involved through the basic steps of cause analysis, objectives/success measurements determination, potential solutions sourcing, solutions selection, phases of implementation…?

 How would we benefit if we had a template for proposing change and one of the elements of that template was the engagement of SME’s to assess the tie to mission, current costs to the organization, and potential ROI?

Designed Results of Performance Measures, feedback, discussion and analyses:

Alignment & Recognition

Talent Development

Identifying Capabilities

Identifying Expertise

Correction/Problem Solving

All of these outcomes lead to performance maintenance and improvement.

   Performance Measures

talegence facilitates the measure of the entire realm of a person's roles (job and certifications) in contributing to an organization; current roles and future potential. It begins by identifying the measurement categories, such as:

Job Responsibilities

Talents Deployment

Job Mission, Goals & Objectives


Organization Initiatives & Values

Individual PIP's (Performance Improvement Plans)

Certifications Performance & Maintenance

Talent Development/Growth Goals

Administration of Performance Measurement (Management)

Future Potential

Other measurement systems can be integrated, such as:

Factors Measured:



Note: In addition to measuring performance of individuals, analytics can be used to measure the performance of other Talent Management Functions such as Recruiting sources, Learning & Development curriculum, and talent verification.

Other Tools talegence Incorporates into Performance Measures

Performance Data Entry Requirements such as:  date; measurement category; factor measured; data source; data support such as report, document, observation or referral; standards/expectation benchmark; and actual action data such as behaviors and outcomes.

Note: Performance measures and feedback needs to be frequent, at "regular" intervals in order to be effect, meet the needs of employees and achieve the Designed Results. This is not an issue that is particular to talegence; it is critical to the success of any performance measurement system.

Identification of Evaluators: due to the high level of complexity and certification requirements some measurements are outside of managements areas of expertise

Scheduling of Goals for Performance Samples, alerts, and benchmarking against goals

Transparency of Data: Set a "Release Timeline"

Enable "Self Assess" Process requiring Verification and Set Limits for Self Assess Occurrences

Verification of Performance Discussions

Auto-Write at end of Performance Period


 Improve Performance

Should performance measures indicate a need to improve or correct performance, behaviors and/or results, talegence provides two sub-modules to address:

(People Performance) Corrective Action

JPA's Corrective Action or Change Management

talegence's Corrective Action sub-module provides tools such as:

Problem Solving Process with Prompts

Data Collection & Entry Points

Solutions Plan with Benchmark Dates and Associated Alerts

Alerts for Time Based Progress Checks

Track Achievement of Plan Benchmarks

Report Deviations from Benchmarks

Identify Need for Further Action

Trend Analysis

The trend analysis can uncover issues not specific to individuals or specific occurrences such as Learning & Development curriculum issues, JPA issues, and data or information issues (e.g. inaccurate, missing, incomplete, or untimely), which lead to the Change Management sub-module.

talegence's Change Management process provides tools such as:

 Engagement of SME's

 Selection of Project Teams

 Project Management Tools

 Alerts for Time Based Progress Checks

 Track Achievement of Plan Benchmarks

 Report Deviations from Benchmarks

 Business Performance History Tracking

 Change Tracking

 Performance History and Change Tracking Comparison Analysis

 Current Projects “In the Pipeline” Tracking

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