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Extraordinary Results


Everyday People

Extraordinary Results through Everyday People


Business Driven ● Talent Leadership

Make the most of all the talent everyone brings to the table and provide the inspiration and tools for talent growth and talent engagement to achieve mission and increase margins.

Capabilities, Requirements & JPA’s (Talent ● People ● Jobs ● Tools)

Identify a structure for capability parameters, Talent Architecture

Identify/verify all capabilities that people bring to your table and track capability growth

Identify talents required to achieve job mission and jobs required to meet operational needs and business strategies

Identify and maintain tools, Job Performance Aids (JPA’s), used to achieve job mission and JPA SME’s

Plan, Fulfill & Develop (Trends & Needs ● Plans ● Talent Acquisition ● Learning)

Identify trends data - actual career movements and factors

Incorporate operational needs for jobs and business strategy changes impacting job needs

Career Management, Recruiting, and Talent Selection: all integrated with Talent Architecture

Learning Maps; Learning Content; Learning Verifications; Class Schedules; SME’s, Mentors & Coaches

Measure Performance & Improve (Perform ● Measure ● Adjust ● More Learning)

Current: Job, PIP’s, Organization Initiatives, Collateral Duties, Certification Maintenance - objectives, behaviors, outcomes, and talent growth

Tomorrow’s Potential: Actual performance today that demonstrates to tomorrow’s talent needs

Transparent, sample data driven, continual assessment and feedback, multiple sources

Data Integration – Talent Architecture, Certifications, JPA’s, Succession Management, Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development, and Align & Engage

Align & Engage (Direction ● Intelligence Employed)

Align people with talent growth, application and performance needs for current operations and business strategies

Align talent leadership data and functions with operational needs and changes and business strategies

Engage people:

Talent Growth (theirs and others) – SME’s, Mentors, Coaches and Instructors

Talent Verification (theirs and others)

JPA’s (Job Performance Aids) - develop and improve JPA”S and train others

Performance Measurement (theirs and others)

Identify and recommend changes in Talent Architecture, Job Requirements, Talent Acquisition tools, JPA’s, Performance Management parameters, new Talents…Changes in TL system

Engage Others – “Ask an SME”, “What If Mind Drills”, “Lessons Learned”, “Why’s”

Engaging people increases productivity 24%; increases retention, real and virtual; reduces on-boarding time; and enhances Succession and Knowledge Management

Four Modules, Thirteen Sub-Modules

Fully Integrated, SaaS Based Software

Talent Leadership Functions talegence Performs

Primary Differences Between talegence  and Others

Talent Architecture (talent parameters) – Scope, Depth, Flexibility, Compliance, and Clarity

Talent Verification Process – Scope, Depth, Flexibility, Accuracy, Objectivity, and Accountability

Inventories all talent for every employee including talent expertise

Distributes the burden of talent data updates – Human Resources/Organizational Development/Talent Management; Learning & Development/T&D; Employees; Management; Verifiers; Evaluators; SME’s, Mentors & Coaches…

Focus on Informal Learning, Organic Talent Growth

Focus on engaging all talent in a continual fashion

Not just to fill Jobs, also for continual non-job specific roles and for project roles; “Build a Team”

Internal Certifications – SME’s, Coaches, Mentors, JPA SME’s, Project Roles…

JPA’s (Job Performance Aids)

Crucial At-Risk Talent identification

Succession Management for ALL Jobs

Build a Talent Selection Process

Build a Performance Measurement” – Current and Career/Succession Management elements: Behaviors, Results, Growth, Support Organization Initiatives, Potential…

Creates Wealth – Benefits/ROI

Bersin & Associates research found, “As opposed to companies with compliance driven HR, companies with mature, business integrated HR spend almost $700 per employee per year more and invest almost three times more on strategic HR services. In return for their investment, these companies earn more than twice the revenue per employee compared to businesses with compliance driven HR.”  

talegence is only 17% or less of just the $700 and is business driven, integrating business mission, strategies, and goals and objectives, to double the revenue per employee!

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual wages for 127 million workers in the US is $44,410. From EBRI 2010 research, benefits average 29 percent of compensation (wages), which calculates at a mean of $12, 880. Therefore, total mean compensation and benefit expenses per employee equal $57,288. Annual cost of talegence per employee is $120 (will be less dependent on number of employees – tiered calculation), which is two tenths of a percent of wages and benefits.

Align & Engage employees with talegence for only .2% of what you’re spending on Compensation & Benefits to increase employee motivation and commitment which increases production 24% and reduces turnover by over 15%!

From SHRM and ASTD the average annual training and development expenditures per worker (wages, instructor, materials, facilities, training equipment…) is $1,400. Annual cost of talegence per employee is $120 (will be less dependent on number of employees – tiered calculation), which is 8.6 percent of cost of training.

For less than 9 % of what you spend on training, talegence:

Facilitates verification that people actually obtained the talent for which they were engaged in training

Ensures and measure the actual application of the talent obtained

Provides for the continual development of talent

Facilitates sharing it with others

Allows organizations to identify all who have the talent at the click of a key!

High Impact Learning Practices: Organizations recognize that the top three learning approaches which drive business impact are informal learning practices.

talegence facilitates and enhances all three: OJT Experience; OJT Mentoring, Projects and Rotation; and Coaching by “experts”!

“Bad fit” selections result in 40% failures within the first 12 months.

talegence selection processes align talent requirements of jobs and non-job specific roles, such as project teams, with selection tools!

Additional Statistics:

Integrated Talent Management Strategies Yield the Following Results:

25% of organizations are less likely to experience problems attracting top performing workforce

20% are less likely to experience problems attracting critical-skills workforce

18% are less likely to experience problems retaining top performing workforce

33% are less likely to experience problems retaining top critical-skills workforce

18% are more likely to be high performing organizations

What is being said about

“Masterpiece…most contemporary Talent Management system I’ve ever seen. Creates Wealth.”

President, International TM Consulting Firm

“There are no holes in it; it covers everything it should.”

Sr. VP of HR, International Pharmaceutical Company

“I’ve never seen a TM system so deep…and yet so flexible…Powerful!”

Chair, HRIS Association

“talegence has greater depth and scope of talent data and facilitates criteria based internal certifications such as SME’s, Job Performance Aids with SME’s, Crucial At-Risk Talents…better than Halogen and Taleo.”

Director of Talent Management, Midwest Hospital System

“A key differentiator for talegence is its focus on the robust, vigorous engagement of all employees.”

COO, International TM Consulting Firm

“We just spent $… on SABA and talegence does more. Please don’t tell me anymore; I’d have to tell them.”

Talent Manager, National Healthcare Organization

“This is the only truly fully integrated Talent Management system I’ve ever seen.”

VP Organizational Development, Ohio Healthcare System

“talegence should be the model for Talent Management.”

Founder & President, West Coast HRIM Consulting Firm