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Notes:  The colors of the graphics within the documents  are aligned with the module colors of the talegence transformer.

Big Picture of talegence

Integration of talegence Sub-Modules

Background of talegence

Design Values of talegence

Integration:  A Closer Look

The Modules of talegence

Capabilities, Requirements & JPA’s

Talent Architecture


Performance Measure & Improve

Plan, Fulfill & Develop

Succession Management Flowchart    

Align & Engage

TM Assessment and TM Functions & Practices Development

Company Performed TM Assessment Questions

Company Performed TM Assessment Matrix

TM Consulting Services

Talent Management Functions

Align/Business Driven

Talents (Competency) Management

Succession Management

Talent Acquisition


Learning & Development

M & L Mindmap

Performance Management


Support Documents

talegence Infrastructure Security and Reliability

talegence Designer Bio

Other Papers

Mindsets, Talents & JPA’s

Testimony from the Front Line

talegence Slide Presentations

talegence Return on Investment

Bersin’s Top 22 TM Practices

Integration:  A Closer Look

2012 OJFSDA Conference- World of Talent Management