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Talent Management Consulting Services

TM Discovery:  A Talent Management Strategies & Practices performance assessment.  Providing you data, analysis and recommendations to enhance your Human Capital position; increasing your Human Capital ROI.

TM Functions & Practices Development: Helping to define and develop elements of your Talent Management functions.

talegence Security

Providing a secure, reliable environment for talegence customers is a critical component of our service. We have developed multiple layers of protection and integrated these into our processes to insure that every user experiences the highest level of security and reliability without intruding into the users interaction with the system. Thus the system is extremely easy to use, but completely protected and robust.


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The primary purpose of On-Boarding is to get people new to a job up to speed or productive as efficiently (timely and effectively) as possible and to reduce the "revolving door" syndrome.  It addresses people that are new to the company and movements by people who are already employees.

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Company Performed TM Assessment

Reliable, thorough and clarifying, real time talent intelligence impacts performance and Talent Management decisions. This is but one critical factor in the world of Talent Management.

We offer a list of questions for management teams to conduct a quick assessment of their company's Talent Management Strategies & Practices and software needs.

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Use our Matrix to help.


An Interactive Engagement Center

talegence Modules

Capabilities, Requirements & JPA’s

Plan, Fulfill & Develop

Measure Performance & Improve

Align & Engage

Engage the power of talegence!	 Let talegence transform your talent strategies On-Boarding Performance Measurement & Improvement Capabilities, Requirements & Methodologies Align & Engage Planning, Fulfillment & Development