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The individual sub-modules of talegence provide different Talent Management solutions. They accomplish this through communications; data entry, processing and organization; and data generation which is also organized and provides reports or answers inquiries.

Furthermore, data from each sub-module is integrated with other sub-modules, which enables them to provide additional Talent Management solutions. Finally, various combinations of sub- modules with their processes and integrated data perform different Talent Management functions, practices and analytics.


Talent Architecture

Jobs & Certifications People

JPA's (Job Performance Aids)

Succession Trending
Career Management Recruiting
Talent Selection
Learning & Development

Performance Assessment

Corrective Action
Change Initiatives
Align & Engage

The initial design of talegence (see Background of talegence) included four modules to organize the various operations of Talent Management. Sub-modules were then created to manage the multiple Talent Management solutions within each of those modules.

Modules (click on each one to learn more):

Capabilities, Requirements & JPA's

Establish the Talent Architecture to clearly distinguish each talent (throughout the system, throughout the organization); identify the people capabilities (People Profiles) and the job requirements (Job Profiles); and manage JPA's including assigned SME's.

Plan, Fulfill & Develop

Forecast changes in talent needs, jobs and certifications; align people with the forecasts for talent needs to align their talent growth (Career Management and Learning & Development); acquire talent (sourcing and selection - internal and external); and develop the talents in people where they have gaps in critical talent.

Measure Performance & Improve

Identify measurement categories, measurements and expectations; measure actual processes and behaviors and outcomes/results; provide ongoing feedback and engage in analysis; and if expectations not met, fix the JPA's or improve the talents or behaviors.

Align & Engage

Align business strategies, mission, values, goals and objectives to talent strategies to talent practices to the Talent Management system (talegence processes and data) and to the people (align business to divisions to departments to Individual and their job and certification roles); and engage the talent expertise at ALL levels throughout.

Below are two illustrations of the multiple sub-modules that are integrated to perform Talent Management Functions. Please click Integration of talegence Sub-Modules to Perform Talent Management Functions & Practices for a slide show of the various integrations to perform Talent Management Functions and Practices.