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Talent Management Discovery

TM Discovery is a Talent Management Strategies & Practices performance assessment. It provides data, analysis and recommendations to help you enhance your Human Capital position; increasing your Human Capital ROI.

This process should be conducted periodically in addition to being conducted as part of a Talent Management software implementation. This is conducted in the beginning of the implementation of talegence.

It uncovers and assesses the effectiveness of what you have planned for Talent Management Strategies & Practices combined with the systems, processes and JPA's you have established  to achieve the plans compared with factors such as:

What is actually being practiced by your people, management and workforce

Actual outcomes

Workplace Culture

What your business competition is practicing

What your talent competition is practicing

Leading Talent Management Strategies & Practices

What is required of some of the leading accreditations (e.g. ISO and JACO)

What is in compliance with regulations (e.g. NRC and Employment Laws)

The TM Discovery process will explore the performance of Talent Management Strategies & Practices by evaluating data captured relative to the four categories of Figure 1.

Figure 1. Investments In and Factors Influencing the Performance of Talent/People

The TM Discovery process will conduct the discover in a cascading fashion (Figure 2) to capture and evaluate the data relative to the categories of Figure 1.

Figure 2. Cascading Process of TM Discovery

The process integrates SME's of the organization in the analysis and recommendation phases.

The results answer the questions asked in the beginning. In conjunction, they provide recommendations such as:

Changes to Talent Strategies & Practices

Changes in Leadership Practices

Modifications to elements of the Talent Management Functions such as Talent Architecture, Job Profiles and People Profiles, Internal Certifications, and Performance Assessment categories

Creation of new and modifications of existing Talent policies, procedures, guidelines and standards

Modifications to data sources, data entry processes,  and data interfaces

Changes in Talent Management Metrics-Analytics

Software configuration modifications

Software customization

In the end, it will provide data, analysis and recommendations to help you enhance your Human Capital position; increasing your Human Capital ROI.

Talent Management Functions & Practices Development

In addition to the TM Discovery, the talegence team can also, utilizing the results of the TM Discovery or mini, targeted TM Discoveries perform Talent Management functions and practices development such as:

Develop Talent Architecture parameter data such as Talent Verification processes

Revise Job Profiles

Define Internal Certification Criteria

Identify Succession Trending data

Create Talent Selection questions, case studies and simulations

Create Learning Maps, Learning Activities, learning content and learning assessments

Identify and create Performance expectations and standards and performance measure

As with the TM Discovery process, these activities will include project teams of internal SME's.